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Sparalloy Ultraboard

Marine Utility Board
  • Description

  SparAlloy Ultra-Board is a made from a unique blend of polymers to meet the specific needs of the boating and marine industry. This recycled foam board is an excellent replacement for wood and metal components in areas that require good strength to weight ratios, no water absorption, and ease of fabrication. The material also possesses superior rigidity, good screw retention, and is bondable using a wide variety of adhesives. As such, it can be used on everything from cleat blocks to bulkheads.
  As a material, SparAlloy Ultraboard is replacing pressure treated plywood because it eliminates rot and water intrusion, has much better physical characteristics, and does not release any dangerous toxins during the manufacturing or use of the product. It is also replacing aluminum and other non-ferrous metals because of its reduced weight, lower cost, and ease of fabrication. Many of today's boat manufacturers are already utilizing SparAlloy in the construction of their boats, but the material is also being successfully used in the recreational vehicle and transportation industries.

SparAlloy Ultra Board is used to make everything from bulkheads, seat bases, and boat cleats in the marine industry to RV baggage compartment floors.

NOTE As it is not UV stable this product is not suitable for EXPOSED exterior applications. If required to be used in this environment then a suitable covering or coating should be added to the exposed surfaces.