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Maximum Stretch

Super Elastomeric Coating
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Ames Maximum-Stretch is a thick, high quality rubber and acrylic elastomeric coating designed specifically for waterproofing, repairing and maintaining many different types of roofs. Temperature fluctuations and severe weather will cause tremendous expansion and contraction of roofs which loosens up the building over time causing roofs to fail and leak. Ames’ Maximum-Stretch has remarkable adhesion and is easy to apply. It dries rapidly to form a cool white, watertight roof membrane with up to 750 percent elasticity that expands and contracts with the roof surface. Ames’ Maximum-Stretch stays cool and resists cracking and peeling. It reflects up to 98 percent of the sun’s rays to reduce roof temperature and energy costs. Ames’ Maximum-Stretch remains flexible at freezing temperatures. It has been developed for a wide range of climates from hot to cold, and formulated to resist fungus, mold and mildew. Available in three colors of white, tan and light grey at no additional charge.  Maximum Stretch can also be tinted to a limited selection of pastel colors.

 1 Gallon & 5 Gallon Cans


Ames' Maximum Stretch Physical Performance Properties


Ames Maximum-Stretch Instructions - Do-It-Yourself in Three Easy Steps:


1. Clean and Prepare the Roof or Wall
Read all label instructions before beginning. Always run a test patch first in an inconspicuous area, to ensure that proper adhesion and drying occurs and the product works to your satisfaction. Be sure surfaces are clean and dry before applying Maximum-Stretch. All major cracks, joints and seams should be caulked with Blue Max trowel-grade liquid rubber. Do not use a silicone caulk. Follow seam taping instructions. Mask all sensitive areas before starting.
2. Seam Tape Where Needed
It is important to seam tape all joints and cracks to avoid future cracking and leaking. Seam tape flashing to wood; wood to wood; concrete to wood; metal to wood; brick to wood; etc. Apply around flashings, windows and cracks in the walls. Refer to Ames Seam Tape label (PS250, PS450, PS650) for application instructions. Do not use fiberglass or asphalt impregnated seam tape.


3. Pour It Out & Paint It On
Apply 1-3 coats as needed, depending on the level of waterproofing you wish. Typical applications are 1-2 coats on above grade walls, 2-4 coats for below grade walls (30 mils thickness), and 1-3 coats for roof maintenance. On roofs you may simple pour it out and paint it on. Apply with a paint roller, a broom, or for larger jobs use a commercial airless sprayer.
Good: 1 -2 coats or up to 2 gal total per 100 square feet.
Better: 2-3 coats or up to 3 gal total per 100 square feet.
Very Best: 3-5 coats or up to 3-5 gal total per 100 sq. ft.
(Recommended for extra protection over difficult surfaces). Cured coating should be about the thickness of a quarter. For flat tar roofs with ponding water or rusty metal situations, see Ames' Super Elasto-Barrier or Vapor barrier product specifications and suggestions.


Weather & Drying Guidelines
Maximum-Stretch is best applied between 40 to 90 degrees F. on warm dry surfaces. Apply when the streets are dry, the sun is in the sky and no inclement weather is forecast. Dries in 1-2 hours, depending on thickness of application and weather; cures in 24 hours. Low temperatures, high humidity and evening and morning dew will require increased drying/curing time. Maximum-Stretch is designed to be UV cured. When it has not been UV cured it may have a slight tack until it has had some sun contact.


Application Tools for Maximum-Stretch
Ames' industrial-strength coatings are easy to apply for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Most Ames products may be applied by brush, roller, push broom, or sprayer. Ask for a sprayable-grade coating when applying by sprayer. Depending upon the roughness of the surface, preparation, and the specific application, you may need one or more of the following:


  • 3-4 inch wide paint brush
  • Roller & Handle
  • Commercial Airless Sprayer
  • Push Broom
  • Ames Seam Tape
  • Scissors or utility knife


Estimated Coverage
Standard product coverage on a smooth surface is 100 sq. ft. per gallon (est. 10ml). More than one coat recommended. More coats equal longer life.