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Nylon 101

Extruded Polyamide Mechanical Plastic
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Nylon 101 is an extruded form of polyamide, offering rigidity, strength, wear resistance, and heat resistance to 210 Degrees F It is comminly used in both structural and general-purpose bearing and wear applications. This material is available in natural and black. The natural material is compliant with FDA, USDA, NSF, and 3A-Dairy regulations.

Nylon 101's low coefficient of friction and good abrasion resistance make it an ideal replacement for a wide variety of materials from metal to rubber. It weighs only 1/7 as much as bronze. Using nylon reduces lubrication requirements, eliminates galling, corrosion and pilferage problems, and improves wear resistance and sound dampening characteristics. Nylon has a proven record of outstanding service in a multitude of parts for such diverse fields as paper, textiles, electronics, construction, mining, metalworking, aircraft, food and material handling. Nylon is easily fabricated into precision parts using standard metalworking equipment.

Nylon 101 is available in Rod