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Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

14 X 14 WEAVE
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Heavy duty jobs need heavy duty solutions. There are so many types of industrial tarps, it's important to know what makes a true heavy duty tarpaulin heavy duty. The concept of heavy duty when it comes to tarps can be mistaken by looking at just the weight. To judge if a tarp is truly heavy duty, there are several factors to consider. The first thing you want to have is a heavy mesh count with a heavy duty thread shaft built into the tarp. True heavy duty poly tarps have a thick poly coating and the heavy duty canvas has a heavier weight to determine how heavy duty the tarp is. Another factor to judge heavy duty tarps is the denier. The denier is the measurement of thickness. The duty of also depend on the density of the tarp. If you are looking for heavy duty tarps for the sun you will want to make sure that there is a heavy duty U.V. coating on the tarps.

Deciding on the right heavy duty tarps depends on the application. Make sure you look through all the categories of commercial tarps before you buy so you know you are getting the right heavy duty tarps for you. Our tarps range from a light duty for better storage to super heavy duty tarps for strong use. So if you are looking for heavy duty tarps, want a large variety to choose from and want quality, we suggest our heavy duty tarps.