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10 x 10 Patio Cover Kit

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 it’s all about flexibility

With Palram’s Feria patio cover, planning and setting your patio cover was never so flexible and simple.
Flexible custom fit wall height, leg depth and distance match almost any patio outline (see specifications Tab)

Rainy day? Sunny day? – Everyday

Palram’s Feria patio covers are built from durable and rigid powder coated aluminum structure glazed with virtually unbreakable SUNPAL® multiwall polycarbonate system.
With snow load capability of 150kg/m2 or 35lbs/ft2 with additional 50 percent of safety margin high impact hail resistant panels and wind load of up to 120 km/h or 75mph, you can be rest assured that spending time outside with family and friends on rainy days is not an issue anymore. The optional crystal clear side wall provides protection from wind and wind
In addition, the SUNPAL glazing system filters harmful UV rays from entering the patio cover space means that lounging outside on a sunny day is both enjoyable and safe for your family, but will also protect your garden furniture, BBQ and other belongings all year round.

She’s got the look

The feria was designed as a stylish and elegant patio cover solution, features clean lines and detailed finishes that will compliment any house and will dramatically change your outdoor lounging habits.

 Size does matter

With the additional “EZ link” and “extension modules” system there are virtually unlimited size options for you to choose from. The Feria’s EZ-link kit allows connecting multiple sets of patio covers together with a simple and smart solution which not affects outlook design or structure stability.

Easy and simple DIY

Unlike different models of patio covers, the Feria is designed as a simple do it yourself project so there are no extra installation or customer fitting charges. With the easy to follow assembly instructions, the complete supplies kit and with the innovative SUNPAL “click and lock” glazing system roof climbing is not needed. The Feria also includes durable ground anchoring kit with accessories needed. Conventional patio covers are using standard glazing panels that are fixed to the structure rods side by side. The gap between the glazing panels is a weakness point for water to drip inside the patio cover. Palram’s “click and lock” system locks the glazing between the structure rods and prevents water from penetrating the glazing. The built in guttering system collects the water on both sides of the pergola, gutter drain pipes can be attached in order to collect rain water for gardening and ponds.

Unique sealing solution

One of the main issues with multi-wall panels is dust and moist penetration into the internal voids. The phenomenon is being magnified especially when dealing with transparent or translucent panels. There are two common ways to solve the issue:

1. Different kinds of tapes with very limited adhesive strength and life time.

2. Crumpling the sheet edge and by that preventing the use of any capping aluminum profile.

Palram new edge sealing solution is based on a special material with long life time and UV resistance. The material is applied in a manner which is not changing the panel shape, therefore allows the usage of end capping aluminum profiles when needed. This material has been tested for peeling, high temperature environments, accelerated exposure to UV radiation, moisture room for one month without any moist penetration and more.


10 foot x 10 foot