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Side Wall Kit

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If you already have a beautiful deck or terrace outside your home, cover it with Palram’s Feria Patio Cover and Side Wall. Enjoy lounging with friends and family for a nice lunch or dinner during coolish weather. Simple and easy installation of the high impact crystal clear Acryl Side Wall will warm up the atmosphere on windy days.

From now on there is no need to worry about glass to shatter or break, or closing your open space terrace with opaque panels which blocks natural light. Palram’s Feria Patio Cover combined with our unique crystal clear, solid panels Side Wall will provide you great protection from wind as well as keeping your privacy.

For added privacy, install the Feria 3 Acrylic clear Side Wall in order to create perfect side screen with a great  transparency as a big window glass.The Acrylic Panels has an impressive aesthetic appeal, strength and strong wind resistance.

The Acrylic clear panels have great advantages: 

  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Reduced and barrier surrounding noises
  • High impact and long life panels

Unique sealing solution

One of the main issues with multi-wall panels is dust and moist penetration into the internal voids. The phenomenon is being magnified especially when dealing with transparent or translucent panels. There are two common ways to solve the issue:

1. Different kinds of tapes with very limited adhesive strength and life time.

2. Crumpling the sheet edge and by that preventing the use of any capping aluminum profile.

Palram new edge sealing solution is based on a special material with long life time and UV resistance. The material is applied in a manner which is not changing the panel shape, therefore allows the usage of end capping aluminum profiles when needed. This material has been tested for peeling, high temperature environments, accelerated exposure to UV radiation, moisture room for one month without any moist penetration and more.

Important Notes:

  • A unique rubber sealing solution – prevents mildew build up, moisture and pervasion of water.
  • This product is suitable for Palram’s Patio Covers range, although it can be available as a separate unit.
  • The Feria – Sidewall can be used for both side

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