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Epoxy Resins


Pour On High Gloss Finish

S-1 Sealer

Penetrating epoxy sealer

Cold Cure

Low temperature marine epoxy

SculpWood Epoxy

Wood replacement paste & putty

RotFix Epoxy

Penetrating wood sealer

SilverTip QuikFair

Lightweight fairing putty

SilverTip EZ-Fillet

Wood flour-filled epoxy putty

Quick Cure Epoxy

Five & 15 minute adhesives

T-88 Epoxy Adhesive

Structural Epoxy Adhesive

Mirror Coat Epoxy

Pourable bar & tabletop coating

Clear Coat Epoxy

Low viscosity coating & laminating epoxy

System 3 GP Epoxy

General purpose epoxy

SilverTip GelMagic

Non-sagging structural epoxy

Silvertip Laminating Resin

Premium boatbuilding epoxy

Plastic Boat Repair Kit

Repair Canoes, Kayaks, & Inflatables

Aluminum Boat Repair Kit

Repair leaky seams & rivets

G/5 Epoxy

Five minute epoxy adhesive

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