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Smooth-Sil® Silicone Rubber

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Smooth-Sil® Platinum Cure Silicone Rubber

Smooth-Sil® 935, 940 & 950 are mixed 100A:10B by weight and require an accurate gram scale or triple beam balance. No post curing is required and the material cures with virtually no shrinkage. Ideal for reproducing exact detail of any model. These rubbers are suitable for making production molds of any configuration, large or small. Materials such as urethane, urethane foams, epoxies, polyester resins, wax and low-melt metal alloys (tin, pewter) can be cast into Smooth-Sil® Series Silicones without application of release agent.

Smooth-Sil® 940 is suitable for making baking molds and trays, ice trays, casting butter, chocolate and other applications used to produce food.

  • Smooth-Sil® 935 - Shore 35A hardness
  • Smooth-Sil® 940 - Shore 40A hardness
  • Smooth-Sil® 950 - Shore 50A hardness

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