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Ease Release® 200 and 205

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Ease Release 200 and 205 Ease Release 200 and 205 is an excellent general purpose release agent for making molds and casting parts. This product will release urethane rubber, urethane resins, polyester resins, RTV silicones, and thermoplastic polymers. Ease Release 200 and 205 is effective on urethane, silicone and metal molds. 205 is a liquid version, 200 is an aerosol. IDEAL FOR RELEASING Urethane Rubber From Original Models Urethane Plastic From Urethane Rubber Silicone Rubber From Original Models Silicone Rubber From Silicone Rubber Urethane Plastic From Silicone Rubber   NOT FOR USE WITH URETHANE FOAMS For releasing foam, use Ease Release 2831.