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Gorilla Tape Camo

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What happens when you cross the nation's #1 selling camoflauge pattern, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity™, with Gorilla Tape? The toughest most rugged tape on planet Earth. Ideal for applications in the field including duck blinds, tree stands, tent repairs and so much more! All of the same attributes that make Gorilla Tape a must-have product around the house, make Gorilla Tape Camo a “Can’t Live Without” product in the field, along the trail and through the stream. No other camo duct tape on the market offers the pattern clarity, depth, and matte surface finish like Gorilla Tape Camo. MATTE FINISH — perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, and backpacking applications 9 YARD ROLL — more than enough to get the job done, but light enough to carry into the field PERMANENT ADHESIVE LAYER — stands-up to rugged, all-terrain situations OUTER SHELL IS BOTH UV AND WATER-RESISTANT THICK FABRIC LAYER — gives the tape strength and durability, yet easily tears by hand STICKS TO SMOOTH, ROUGH AND UNEVEN SURFACES — brick, stucco, concrete, metal, fabric and more   Available in 9 yard rolls.