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Through the Roof

Clear synthetic rubber roofing caulk for permanent repairs
Description THROUGH THE ROOF Seals Leaks That Asphalt Can't!     When your roof absolutely, positively needs to be water-tight (and really, when does it not?), use Through the ROOF!® Through the ROOF! is a seriously unique roofing caulk – it can be applied in the rain. (No, we’re not kidding.) It sticks to wet surfaces, which means you can fix the leak while it’s leaking. Through the ROOF! will stick to almost any roofing surface – metal, plastic, asphalt, wood, concrete, and more. Plus, it won’t freeze. So go ahead and fix that gutter in a Minnesota winter. You might get some concerned stares from your neighbors, but they’ll be grateful the next time you host a neighborhood party and their head stays dry.   Features Elastic – flexes with temperature changes and wind Ultra-clear and stays clear – will not yellow over time Sticks to wet surfaces  Excellent UV resistance Lasts 20 times longer than asphalt  Adheres to most existing roof patches Paintable Water and mildew resistant Won’t freeze – OK to leave out in your truck overnight   For repairs that stick, but won’t stick out, use Through The ROOF! on common roofing fixtures and materials, including:   Flashing Gutters Vents PVC & ABS vent pipe Skylights Ductwork Chimneys Brick/block/mortar Shingles & shakes Rubber roof membranes* Roof jacks, cables and air conditioning units
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