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Chopped Strand Mat

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A chopped strand reinforcing material composed of chopped fiberglass of various lengths randomly dispersed to provide equal distribution in all directions, held together by a resin soluble binder. Chopped strand mat is commonly used in laminates due to ease of wet out, the good bond provided between layers of woven roving or cloth and is comparatively low in cost. Chopped strand mat is categorized by weight per square foot, has two feathered edges and is sold by the running yard or in bulk by the kilogram in full rolls. Please contact us for a quote on full rolls.   Weight/Ft2 Width 1oz 1oz 1.5oz 1.5oz 1.5oz 1.5oz 1.5oz 1.5oz 2oz 2oz 38" 50" 4" 6" 10" 12" 38" 50" 38" 50"