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WELD-ON #2007

for PVC, Sintra, and Kydex
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WELD-ON #2707

2007™:  Water thin, very fast-setting solvent cement for bonding PVC, foamed PVC, and Kydex® to themselves and to each other.


SCIGRIP 2007 is recommended where a water-thin cement is desired. It is suitable and used on both large assemblies and small delicate assemblies.
These include a wide variety of items: signs, large displays, lighting fixtures, housewares, electrical assemblies, decorator items and many other fabrications.
SCIGRIP 2007 is a clear, water-thin, fast drying solvent. It may be applied by brush, syringe, spray, and most any other method. It forms bonds by the
softening and fusion of the two surfaces in contact. Bonds made with SCIGRIP 2007 cure rapidly. Cure is effected by dissipation of the solvent. Initial
bond takes place within a few minutes and is often of sufficient strength to permit handling of the bonded item. Relatively high strength is reached in
24 to 48 hours and continues to increase for a number of weeks. Joined materials will generally have the same rigidity or flexibility and other physical
properties as prior to bonding.


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