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SIS-440 Teak Deck Caulking

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SIS-440 Teak Deck Caulking is a one-part, paste-like, neutral cure system which, when exposed to moisture in the air, reacts to form a tough, flexible, solid rubber compound. The sealant is a thixotropic material, which does not sag during cure, and, when cure, has excellent temperature stability and chemical resistance. Because the sealant is a neutral cure, it is non-corrosive to all substrates. Available in black.


SIS-440 was strictly developed by TeakDecking Systems for sealing teak deck seams. It is a well tested and proven product in hot or cold climates and needs NO PRIMER. A one-part silane polymer that forms a solid rubber compound; it is better than the polysulfides, polyurethanes, and MS polymers. It has the hightest rated resistance to UV, excellent resistance to chemicals, and excellent temperature stability.

 10.3 oz cartridge