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Life-Seal Marine Sealant

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A unique combination of marine silicone and polyurethane, formulated especially for fiberglass. Life-Seal  offers a fast-curing, low odor, high adhesion, non-sagging, non corrosive, non-yellowing formula.

Life-Seal provides a durable permanent watertight seal for joints subject to structural movement. May be used above and below the waterline. Use for sealing decks to hulls, thru-hull fittings, vinyl ports, sealing/glazing windshields and bedding marine hardware.

Will adhere to metal, glass, wood, Lexan, Acrylic, ABS and certain other materials. Can be removed without damaging gel-coat. Not recommended for ferro cement hulls, impregnated wood or oil soaked materials. Cures in presence of water. Mildew resistant and acid free. Available in Black, White, & Clear.

 2.8 oz tube & 10.6 oz cartridge

Clear, Black, & White