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Solar Control Films

Reduce Heat & Glare
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SUN GARD  solar control window films offer your windows protection from heat, glare, UV protection, fading while it saves you money and makes a room more comfortable. Whether it is for your home, office or storefront, SUN GARD has a film for your needs.

Reduce Glare
From computer screens at the workplace to televisions in homes, glare is an unwanted guest. SUN GARD solar control window films can reduce eye strain and make you more content whether in the office or at home by reducing up to 85 percent of the glare. You will be more productive and comfortable at the office and at home.

Reduce Fading  
SUN GARD solar control window films reduce fading. The sun fades everything including fabrics, draperies, upholstery, carpeting, art and furniture.  SUN GARDsolar control window films screen out almost all of the damaging ultra violet rays and can help reduce up to 80 percent of the fading you do not want.

Reduce Energy Costs and Add Comfort  
SUN GARD solar control window films save you money and add to your comfort. SUN GARD solar control window films can eliminate up to 78 percent of the solar heat gain. Reduced solar heat gain translates into reduced air conditioning and increased comfort due to extreme heat. SUN GARD solar control window films can also prevent inside heat from escaping through your windows in the wintertime.