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Battery Boxes

For Marine Environments
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Our Industrial Grade Rotational Molded Battery Boxes keep batteries isolated and protect from accidental contact of battery terminals. They are ideal for many applications including Automotive, Marine, Industrial, Agriculture, Wheelchair, Golf Carts and more.

Boxes are stackable with Lids On but not nestable. Battery Boxes are shipped with Lids and have cut-outs for cables.

Box also available without cut-outs for cables. All Measurements are outside dimensions

                 Model                     Color          Length         Width         Height          Capacity     
4-D Battery Box   Natural   22.06"  9.56"  11.6"  x1 - 4-D Battery
8-D Battery Box Natural 22.125" 12.25"  11.187"  x1 - 8-D Battery
30-H Battery Box Natural 14.125"  7.625" 10.625" x1 - 30-H Battery
J-250 Battery Box Natural 15.25" 12.93" 12.625" x1 - J-250 Battery
GC-2 Battery Box Natural  15.06"     10.93"  12.875"   x2 - 6V Golf Cart Batteries (Side By Side) 
GC2-E Battery Box Natural 21.75"  7.75"  13"   x2 - 6V Golf Cart Batteries (End To End) 
GC2-4 Battery Box Natural 21.56" 14.875" 12.5" x4 - 6V Golf Cart Batteries
L-16-2 Battery Box Natural 15.25" 13" 18.625" x2 - Tall L-16 Batteries
L-16-4 Battery Box Natural 25.68" 15.43" 18.5" x4 - Tall L-16 Batteries