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Floor Adhesive Remover

Black Floor Mastic Remover
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Peel Away® Black Mastic Remover Peel Away® Black Mastic Remover is an environmentally-friendlyand low-odor mastic remover with superior performance when it comes to removing all types of mastics, adhesives, pastes, and glues. Peel Away® Black Mastic Remover is a safe and eco-green mastic remover that contains a unique blend of surfactants which allows for low surface tension, making this formulation the most rinsible and residue-free mastic remover on the market today. Peel Away® Black Mastic Remover is considered to be one of the best and safest adhesive, glue, and paste removers, and it contains no hazardous citrus or chlorinated solvents. The environmentally-friendly and biodegradable Peel Away® Black Mastic Remover system covers approximately 225 square feet per gallon.   Removing mastics can be challenging because they are designed to be well-sealed and waterproof. However, using the heavy-duty Peel Away®Black Mastic Remover will make removing all types of mastics easy and effortless. Peel Away® Black Mastic Remover allows safe easy mastic removal from concrete, asphalt, and tiles.   FEATURES AND BENEFITS This heavy-duty mastic remover is extremely effective at safely removing even the toughest mastics. The environmentally-friendly formula contains no harsh chemicals, allowing safe and effective adhesive, glue, and paste removal The water-based formulation is biodegradable and allows for easy removal of all types of mastics   Dumond ® Chemicals created the industry’s first safe paint removal system to replace unsafe mechanical methods of removing paint. Since then, the company has become a premier manufacturer of environmentally-friendly solutions in the areas of Paint Removal, Graffiti Control Systems, Stone and Masonry Cleaning, Lead Abatement, and Lead Encapsulating Products. The company is a leader in paint removal systems for DIY, professional, marine, and industrial consumer industries worldwide, and it continues to develop safe and effective paint removal systems to work on a variety of surfaces.