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Laminated Paper

Extends the Surface Dwell Time
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Dumond® Laminated Paper is one of the most respected and widely used globeenvironmentally friendly lead-based paint removal products in the world. The Dumond® Laminated Paper is a patented laminated paper that extends the dwell time for all Dumond® paint removal products. Dumond® Laminated Paper comes pre-packaged in our Peel Away® 12 and 7 kits. However, depending upon your application and project you may find it desirable to purchase additional Dumond® Laminated Paper to be used in conjunction with other Dumond® products as well. Dumond® Laminated Paper is critical to a paint removal project’s success on hot days and where extended dwell times are necessary to remove all coatings. Dumond® Laminated Paper keeps all Dumond® products from drying out, and thus becoming ineffective too quickly.  Dumond® Laminated Paper reduces the wrinkling, or tenting, that occurs when doing a stripping project thus keeping the remover in contact with subsequent coatings until reaching the bare substrate



  • Aids in the effectivness of all Dumond® paint removal products.
  • Controls lead-dust dispersal on historic restoration and lead remediation projects by adding containment of lead based paints and hazardous materials.
  • Increases dwell time and reduces evaporation of all Dumond® paint removal products especially when temperatures exceed 90° degrees Fahrenheit.

Dumond Laminated Paper available in a 3 pack equaling 30 square feet of paper, a 10 pack equaling 100 square feet of paper, and 13" X 300' rolls for larger projects.