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Deckote Topcoat

Western Canada's Best Selling Deck Coating
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Deckote can be used on sun decks, porches, patios, roof decks, stairs, landings, boat decks, tennis courts, railings, basement floors and walkways.

The Deckote System starts with fresh new plywood which is primed using Deckote primer. During the Primer coat polyester seam tape is applied to all seams and joints between the sheets of plywood and the edge flashing. DO NOT fill these joints with any filler including the Deckote crack filler which is intend only as a filler for knots and surface imperfections. Once the Primer coat is dry they begin the Base Coat application by pouring a full gallon of product in a "S" pattern within a 10 ft x 10 ft area. Using a roller spread the product out to cover the entire 10 x 10 area. Once you have done this then move to the next 10 x 10 area and repeat the process. By following this process you will have met the manufacturer's specification for the application of the base product.

Next move on to applying the Top Coat using the same technique and application rate of 100 sq. ft. per gallon. Let the deck cure for one week before allowing deck furniture or heavy traffic.

Approximate Coverage:
Deckote Primer 350 Sq Ft. (32 Sq M) per Gallon.
Deckote Base Coats 100 Sq Ft. (9.3 Sq M) per Gallon.
Deckote Color Coats 100 Sq Ft. (9.3 Sq M) per Gallon.

For Concrete: Fresh Concrete should be allowed to fully cure for 1 month prior to application of Deckote. If the concrete was power troweled to a smooth finish it should be etched with a safe Etch product to provide better adhesion. After the concrete has been etched it should be rinsed with plenty of fresh water and allowed to dry. Apply 1 coat of Deckote Primer allowing 4 hours drying followed by 1 coat of Deckote Basecoat (use regular basecoat or Safe-T-Tred basecoat if a more slip resistant finish is desired) allowing 12 to 24 hours drying. Apply 1 coat of Deckote Colour Coat allowing 24 hours drying.

DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT! as the hot surface will dry the coating too fast and not allow it to bond to the substrate.

Surface must be structurally sound and not able to wick water. To check for wicking on concrete surfaces tape the perimeter of a piece of poly plastic (2’ X 2’) directly onto the face of the concrete and leave for 24 hours. If signs of condensation are present, it may indicate that the surface is not suitable for this product.


We recommend exterior grade plywood that is placed on a generous slope away from the house structure to prevent any ponding of rainwater. Use stainless steel or heavy galvanized screws or nails to secure the plywood to the stringers.

Fill cracks, screw holes and minor defects in the plywood surface with Deckote Crack Filler. DO NOT FILL PLYWOOD SEAM CRACKS, these need to taped to allow for expansion and contraction of the plywood. Deckote filler is designed to fill a maximum of 1/8” depression per application. If the defect is deeper, apply additional coats of Deckote Crack Filler and allow 24 hours drying time between coats.

Tape joints with Deckote Fibra Tape. Tape flashings around posts and drip flashings at the perimeter of the deck. To apply Deckote Fibra Tape, first apply a generous coat of Deckote Primer, then while the primer is still wet, embed the tape and smooth out any wrinkles, then brush Deckote Primer on top of those areas and let dry for at least 2 hours.

Apply 1 coat of Deckote Primer over the entire surface allowing 4 hours of drying time @77F, followed by 1 coat of Deckote Basecoat (use regular base coat or Safe-T-Tred Basecoat if a more slip resistant finish is desired) allowing a 24 hour dry time. Apply 1 coat of Deckote Color Coat and allow 24 hours to dry. If you are putting outdoor furniture on the finished deck, allow a full cure of 7 days.


Remove all loose paint, grease, dust and dirt. Prime all exposed plywood with Deckote Primer. Apply 1 generous coat of Deckote Color Coat. If a more skid resistant finished is desired, apply a coat of Deckote Safe-T-Tred Basecoat prior to the application of the color coat.

Note this is a photograph of the actual product samples taken under Florescent light conditions . . . colors may vary when viewed in Sunlight