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Ethafoam 220 Plank

  • Description
ETHAFOAM™ 220 polyethylene foam is a durable, lightweight, flexible, solid extruded product. ETHAFOAM 220 offers excellent strength, resistance to creep under load, vibration and shock absorbency, and water resistance characteristics. 
ETHAFOAM 220 is produced with Dow’s patented RapidRelease manufacturing process.RapidRelease technology delivers a higher quality product with improved dimensional stability and safety. This process technology incorporates a patented CFC- and HCFC-free blowing agent system and an accelerated curing system that reduces residual blowing agents in ETHAFOAM products to trace amounts. 
ETHAFOAM 220 meets the requirements of the U.S. Clean Air Act Amendments. It is easily fabricated, impervious to most chemicals, non-abrasive and performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures. ETHAFOAM 220 is also reusable and completely recyclable because it is made of non-crosslinked polyethylene.
ETHAFOAM™ 220 polyethylene foam has successfully passed FMVSS 302 flammability testing, conducted according to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, CFR 49