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Wheeled Composter Bin

2 Year Warranty
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The new Toter composter makes composting easy.  This complete, fully-assembled composting kit has everything you need to start composting today.  The wheeled outdoor composter comes ready to use right out of the box and features easy to follow composting instructions under the lid. The Toter composting kit also includes a small counter top pail used for measuring compost mix and transporting your food scraps from the kitchen to the outdoor bin.

The composter's unique internal aeration chimney not only helps speed up the composting process by feeding continuous air to your mixture but it also makes the "turning" or "rotating" of your compost easy. Another unique feature of the Toter composter is the separate holding chamber accessed via door at the bottom of the bin. A wire grate separates the holding chamber from the loading chamber and allows finished compost to fall through to the bottom. This gives you the ability to use compost as it is finished instead of needing to wait for the entire "batch" to be complete.

 28.2" L x 24.5" W x 40.5" H

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Features & Benefits:

  • Fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box
  • Compete kit includes a countertop unit and a wheeled outdoor unit
  • Wheeled outdoor unit allows finished compost to be unloaded where it’s needed
  • Unique internal chimney aerates the compost from within, allowing continuous air flow needed for composting
  • Easy-to-follow composting instructions are adhered to the inside of the lid
  • Finished compost falls through the loading chamber and into the holding chamber below by simply turning the brush handle
  • Made with up 50% recycled content
  • Wood slat design blends with outdoor surroundings
  • A lid latch helps keep animals from gaining access to the material
  • 2-year warranty