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DuraFloat Dock Floats

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Durafloat flotation billets are the next generation of dock floats.


Durafloat billets contain closed-cell polystyrene foam, are encapsulated in black HDPE Polyethylene, and contain two pressure treated 2x4's for easy installation. They are environmentally friendly, and will not break down over time and contaminate the surrounding ecosystem. The HDPE sheathing resists UV, oil, gas, and burrowing sea life. We carry two stock sizes, but they can be manufactured to any size or length. Custom billets are priced by the cubic foot. All welds and seams are strength tested, and Durafloat billets come with a 10 year limited warranty. Durafloat billets meet or exceed all Government standards and are ideal for all docks, moorings, marinas, and swim rafts in fresh