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Coco Absorb 35 litre

Commercial Grade
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Coco Absorb is proud to introduce our new 35 liter (12 lb.) Grain Bag with convenient carry handle. With poly-woven material, a package built to endure the everyday handling in the tough commercial and industrial environments and 12 lbs. of Coco Absorb, capable of absorbing up to 6 gallons of fluid for your immediate spill response needs. You would need 75 lbs. of clay (kitty litter) to pick up the same spill. 
With all the same safety, cost savings and environmental benefits, now in a bigger, more convenient, more cost effective, more applicable package. 
Coco Absorb Key Benefits: 
  • Light Weight Super Absorbent - Absorbs up to 9x its own weight! 
  • Universal in Application – Absorbs fluids of all viscosities (including light acids and caustics). 
  • Lowers Disposal Costs – Significantly reduces the weight of the disposed material. 
  • Minimizes Downtime