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Arena Board

Puck Board
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Polyethylene Arena Board

Designed to stand up to the rigors of a fast pace hockey game, this non-fading coloured HDPE sheet has high impact strength and is easy to clean. It can be bent, formed, welded and easily cut to the required dimensions.

Application include:

Hockey Arenas, outdoor or indoor

Sports Facilities, including soccer, lacrosse, and squash

Food Contact Applications

Wash Bays and other Wet Areas

Livestock Barns and pens 

HDPE Sheet(High Density Polyethylene sheetoffers excellent sliding properties and abrasion/wear resistance due to its low coefficient of friction. HDPE Sheet is very tough and impact resistant, even at low temperatures, it is lightweight, easy to weld but difficult to bond with adhesives or solvents

Advantages of HDPE Sheet
HDPE Sheet has very low coeffcient of friction which are some of the best within the engineering plastics range an so produces low friction components. HDPE Sheet also has excellent abrasion resistance for high abrasion applications. HDPE Sheet will absorb very low amounts of moisture which help make it stable over a long period of time.

Sheet Sizes : 4' X 8' , 4' X 10'

Sheet Thickness 1/8" , 1/4" , 1/2"


White, Black, Red, Yellow and Blue. Not all colours available in 48"x120" sheets