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Eco Safe Compostable Bags

Easy, Simple, & Clean
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All certified compostable bags are not created equal.

As more municipalities adopt food scrap and organic waste diversion programs the market for Certified Compostable Bags continues to grow. Our products offer superior value for price, performance and sustainability.

People are looking for an affordable solution to the “yuk factor” associated with collecting food scraps and organics at home. EcoSafe® Compostable Bags are the answer.

The EcoSafe~6400® line of Compostable Bags are approved for food waste collection programs and come in a variety of sizes to meet all your needs.



Mini Kitchen Bag: 16" x 17", 2.6 Gallon (9.46 Litre) Capacity. 25 bags/box

Kitchen Bag: 24" x 30". 13 Gallon (49.2 Litre) Capacity. 12 bags/box

Yard & Garden Bag: 30" x 39", 30 Gallon (113 Litre) Capacity. 6 bags/box



  • Elasticity: Our compostable bags have industry leading elasticity allowing the bag to fit your bins snugly without splitting or slipping into the bin
  • Anti-Zippering: Once punctured or stretched too far most compostable bags tear or zipper very easily. Not EcoSafe~6400® compostable bags, stretch our bag and see for yourself. We offer better strength and performance saving you time and money.
  • Heat & Moisture Resistance: Why put a bag in your bin to keep it clean if the bag leaks or allows moisture to seep into the bin? EcoSafe~6400® compostable bags create a moisture barrier in your bin even with boiling hot coffee grounds. Our compostable bags will not leak or fall apart in your bin.
  • Strength & Integrity: Every EcoSafe~6400® compostable bag we make has a star-seal bottom that is guaranteed to not leak or fail. All of our bags are built tough and are guaranteed to hold a minimum of 50lbs ensuring that if your employees are able to lift it our compostable bag will not break and spill food waste in your workspace.
  • Compostability: EcoSafe~6400® compostable bags comply with both the BPI and Cedar Grove specifications for safety and compostability in modern short term composting systems.