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The Non-Industrial Safety Vest
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60% of pedestrian fatalities that occurred from 2004 -2008 happened at night or during dim light conditions when they were not seen by drivers. In Vancouver alone, 81 pedestrian fatalities and 6 cyclist fatalities occurred from 2005- 2011. 
Pedestrians are vulnerable road users that lack protection and account for a quarter of traffic fatalities in Canada.
VESTI his a superior comfort, durability, and high style design at an affordable price
VESTI is an all-important and essential accessory for any outdoor enthusiasts of any age.
Due to the shocking number of fatalities and accidents we continue to see more community safety campaigns targeting pedestrian safety.
VESTI is a timely solution for improved visibility and safety.
BE SEEN and Fashionable!

 One Size fits All

VESTI was designed on the West Coast of Canada. Westcoaster are real people who love to do everyday activities outdoors. The designers saw a need for themselves, their kids, friends and family. The only thing they could find was the bright orange and yellow X-style vests often used in a more industrial setting. They wanted something more stylish and practical at the same time.
In addition to style they added special features such as zippered pockets for cell phone, keys, kleenex, doggy bags.
The most important feature is the amount of reflective material, you can be seen by traffic for 145M away! they made sure that not only does it look fantastic it's very practical and works!
VESTI Material showing the day and night version reflecting the light.
The manufacturers are especially excited about the children's line It's FUN for kids to wear,not bulky, itchy or hot. They made an extra large opening so you can fit it right over their helmets, all about making it easier on them and the parents!!! Kid's don't always remember to check for cars, VESTI will help to alert drivers !