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Haven Fire Suppression System

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How much does it cost?

Your small investment in a HAVEN unit is only $249 (or less than $50/year, since it protects for 5 years). You've read about fires in your neighbourhood, what are your irreplaceable valuables and your family's safety worth? As a comparison, a fireproof safe can cost $300-$500, and only protects the contents inside the small safe.

Is it easy to install?

Installation is very easy, requiring a small 5 3/4" hole to be cut in the ceiling to slide in your HAVEN unit. Check out our 1-minute installation video here. If you would prefer, we can send an installer (you can order during checkout) or you can hire any local handyman or contractor to install (a local contractor should be able to install 1-3 HAVEN units for around $150). 

Is it reliable?

The HAVEN has been extensively tested in many different burn scenarios, as well as independently tested. Please watch our videos to see real burn demonstrations. Each unit also comes with a full 1-year warranty and protects for a full 5 years. After that, our replacement program allows you to exchange your old unit for a new one for about 1/2 the price. And if your HAVEN unit is ever involved in a real fire, we want that unit back and we will replace it free of charge (we want to build our Wall of Heroes).

Will it affect my home insurance?

It might, but in a good way. Generally speaking, insurance companies love the HAVEN, however since it is so new they may not offer a discount just yet (we are working on that). It is recommended that you show them this website if you're looking for a discount.

How many do I need for my house, and where should they be placed?

We recommend at least one in the kitchen (4 feet in front of the stove), since that's where a lot of fires start. Then we recommend every 10-12 feet from there on the path of egress (the path out of your home). Other hazard areas include electrical/utility rooms, garages, and hallways. We recommend 3-5 units per home, on average.