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Foamed PVC Sheet
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- Foamed PVC Sheet

Sintra:  Material is closed-cell, expanded plastic, high-density poly vinyl chloride sheet. It is acid free and has minimal out gassing for Archival use. Sintra is a homogeneous material that allows the ease of cutting without regard for grain. At half the weight of solid PVC, may be stapled, nailed, riveted, glued, and thermoformed. Forming may be done on conventional forming machines.

Sintra is flame retardant, bend resistant and remains resilient against chemicals. An excellent material for silk-screening, this substrate is mainly used for signage, photo mounting, displays, and exhibits. Sintra can be joined by hot air welding or can be heat bent with a temperature of 250°-300°F.

Sintra is available in 9 thickness' 1mm-13mm all thickness' are available in white, some thickness' are also available in black

Why is Sintra PVC Foam Board Special?


    • The trusted brand leader by which all others are measured 
    • Lightweight yet rigid and durable 
    • Easily formed into just about any shape imaginable using wood and foam board fabrication techniques 
    • Heat formable and chemical resistant 
    • Superior dent and scratch resistance 
    • Custom colors and special cuts available 




    • POP Displays - Medium-term application life 
    • Exhibits / Kiosks - Medium-term application life 
    • Framing - Long-term application life 
    • Framing - Archival - Long-term application life 
    • Signage - Interior - Medium-term application life 
    • Signage - Exterior - Medium-term application life 
    • Signage - Structural - not recommended 




    • Mounting - Cold mounting techniques only 
    • Repositioning Vinyl 
    • Direct Digital Printing 
    • Direct Screen Printing 
    • Painting 
    • Knife Cutting - 1-3 mm may be cut with a knife or blade 
    • Saw Cutting 
    • Routing 
    • Die Cutting - May be die cut in gauges up to 5 mm or 3/16" 
    • Embossing - not recommended 
    • Forming Curves Framing



Gauges and Colors Stock Sheet Sizes
2mm Bright White 48"x96"; 60"x120"
3mm Bright White 1Mx96"; 48"x96"; 48"x120"; 50"x100"; 60"x96"; 60"x120; 2Mx120"
6mm Bright White 48"x96"; 48"x120"; 50"x100"; 60"x120"; 2Mx120"
6mm Black 48"x96"; 48"x120"; 60"x120"
2mm Black 48"x96"
3mm Black 48"x96"; 48"x120"; 50"x100"
3mm Gray 48"x96"
6mm Gray 48"x96"
3mm Light Gray 48"x96"
6mm Light Gray 48"x96"
3mm Dark Red 48"x96"
6mm Dark Red 48"x96"
3mm Bright Yellow 48"x96"
6mm Bright Yellow 48"x96"
3mm Dark Green 48"x96"
6mm Dark Green 48"x96"
3mm Dark Blue 48"x96"
6mm Dark Blue 48"x96"






Crayon shapes created from 3mm yellow, blue, red, and black Sintra formed using heat gun; vinyl applied for finishing

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