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All Purpose Graffiti Remover

Effective on Smooth Surfaces
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Watch Dog All Purpose Graffiti Remover is specifically formulated to effectively and easily remove the most difficult graffiti from Watch DogGraffiti Barrier Coatings and most cured 2 componet or baked enamel finishes without damaging the coating or the substrate. Watch Dog All Purpose Graffiti Remover does not contain any NMP, aromatic or chlorinated solvents or caustics. Watch Dog All Purpose Graffiti Remover isglobeenvironmentally friendly, 100% biodegradeable, and posses no risks to usersWatch Dog All Purpose Graffiti Remover is also extremely effective in removing most permanent markers, crayons, glues and adhesives from smooth surfaces and cured enamel and 2 component finishes.  Watch Dog All Purpose Graffiti Remover covers approximately 20 square feet per 22oz spray bottle.



  1. Spray directly on the graffiti and let stand for between 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. Wipe surface with a clean soft cloth to remove graffiti. In most cases, graffiti will begin to dissolve immediately.
  3. Re-apply if necessary.



  1. globeSafe, environmentally friendly formulation.
  2. Water-based formulation.
  3. Very low odor, low VOC.
  4. Single application, easy removal of existing graffiti.
  5. Removes permanent markers, adhesives, glues, crayons, paint spills, epoxies, urethanes and most aerosol spray paints.

 22 oz Trigger Spray Bottle