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A-I-A Biodegradable Paint Remover

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A-I-A is an advanced biodegradable paint remover effective in the removal of industrial paint and coating systems and powder coating from steel, concrete, aluminum, masonry, brick, wood and other alloys.


A-I-A is designed for quick and effective lead and asbestos-based paint and coating removal and encapsulation while also being effective on all types of industrial paint/coatings and powder coating.  Its superior formula is designed to work quickly for projects where speed and worker safety is imperative. Due to the encapsulation properties, A-I-A is used extensively in the hazardous materials abatement becuase of the reduced waste stream and improved safety for users.


A-I-A is designed to remove paint and coatings on surfaces where abrasive blast cleaning is not an option, such as the restoration of brick, sandstone, wood or other delicate surfaces.  Using A-I-A will ensure that the original appearance of the substrate is not damaged in any way.  Physical damage which can occur during mechanical blast cleaning is avoided.



  • Lead & Asbestos Based Paints
  • Powder Coating
  • Latex Paint
  • General Purpose Paints
  • Acrylic Paint
  • High-performance Coatings (Aerospace & Industrial)
  • 2-Part and Fusion Bonded Epoxies
  • 2-Part Urethane Materials
  • Alkyd Paint



A-I-A- can be used on most indoor and outdoor and vertical and horizontal surfaces where paint/coating removal is required.  This product is effective is removing multiple layers of paint/coatings, however, multiple product application and removal processes may be required. When using on delicate surfaces always test a small area first.



  • Hazardous materials abatement projects (A-I-A)
  • Powder coating removal in steel refurbishment
  • General use paint removal
  • Aerospace and industrial paint /coating removal
  • Architectural facades
  • Floor coating and membrane removal
  • Most sealant and curing product removal
  • Refurbishment projects in mines, petrochemical plants and pulp & paper mills
  • Any removal application where blast removal is not an option due to environmental, noise or worker safety concerns



  • Fully biodegradable
  • Water-based material
  • Contains no Methylene Chloride, Caustics or NMP
  • Low odor
  • Very effective in the removal of multiple layers of paint
  • Will remove most high performance coatings and systems
  • White in color to assist with coverage during application

 5 Gallon Pails